Turn Abstract Insights into Concrete Requirements

Build high impact solutions that deliver what the users need. Eliminate waste, gain extra capacity, and deliver value faster

Prepare your product for the future with our 'Define Suite', empowered by AI precision and powered by Impact Maps. This suite refines your feature selection, guiding you to decisions that deeply resonate with your customers.

Informed by Continuous Product Discovery, the Define Suite delves into customer needs, crystallizing your product’s value, connecting with user stories, and steering success through precise product definition.


Efficient Feature Management

Refine your product strategy with Shorter Loop's Define Suite. Streamline features and solutions, enhancing prioritization and planning across offerings. Foster efficient decision-making for a cohesive and impactful journey, perfectly aligned with evolving market needs.


Set Impactful Goals

Set precise, time-bound objectives for your product journey using Shorter Loop. Facilitate data-driven decisions, focusing on key deliverables and stakeholders. Focus on key deliverables and actors, targeting your audience to drive impactful outcomes.


Make Informed Decisions

Cultivate a deep understanding of your customers with Shorter Loop's Define Suite. Develop products that authentically resonate, tapping into the heart of your target audience’s needs. Empower your team to create solutions that are not just innovative, but truly user-centric.


Enhance Product Alignment

Ensure your product aligns seamlessly from definition to launch with Shorter Loop. Align product requirements with broader business goals and user journeys, guaranteeing strategic coherence and impactful delivery.

The Define module is where visions are turned into actionable goals. ShorterLoop assists in clearly defining user needs and product requirements. By creating detailed user stories and use cases, you translate abstract ideas into concrete features. With Define, transform your understanding of your audience into precise product definitions that drive development.

Build solutions that fulfill customers' need

  • Directly align your product features and initiatives with your overarching business objectives for cohesive progress.
  • Focus your development on actions that yield the highest impact on user behavior and business outcomes.
  • Engage and align all stakeholders for a unified understanding and approach towards achieving shared goals.

Create a Release Plan That Delivers Value: Iteratively and Incrementally

  • Improve the development process by aligning user story backlog with the overall user journey in the product
  • Foster better collaboration in planning and prioritizing activities.
  • Improve the user experience by visualizing and addressing the challenges faced during the user journey
  • Leverage User Story Maps to analyze gaps in development and identify areas for improvement. Enhance collaboration by addressing issues promptly and fostering continuous improvement.

Create contextual connections between work items

  • Epics, Features and User Stories provide context depending on the type of work
  • Parent-child relationships between work items allow to connect the connection between larger and smaller work items
  • Get a quick overview of what teams are working on and what product
  • See the rolled-up status of progress on all work items

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Impact Map?
An Impact Map is a strategic planning tool that helps teams visualize the pathway from goals to outcomes, focusing on the impact of their actions and aligning initiatives with business objectives.
Is the Impact Map feature collaborative?
Absolutely. Shorter Loop's Impact Map feature is designed for team collaboration, allowing multiple users to contribute, edit, and refine the map in real time.
Can Impact Mapping be used with Agile methodologies?
Yes, Impact Mapping is highly compatible with Agile processes, promoting iterative development and helping prioritize features based on their potential impact on objectives.
How does Impact Mapping benefit my product development?
Impact Mapping clarifies product goals, expected impacts, and the steps needed to achieve them. It facilitates better decision-making by aligning tasks with business objectives and user needs.
How do I create an Impact Map in Shorter Loop?
Shorter Loop provides tools to easily create and update Impact Maps, with drag-and-drop features and customizable templates to streamline the process.
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