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Revolutionize your product journey with Shorter Loop’s AI-powered Idea Manager (Feedback Manager). Listen continuously to customers' needs, market demands. Say goodbye to manual feedback hassles. Utilize AI to save time, and analyze ideas quickly with 100% quality. With integrated AI, now automate generating actionable insights. Efficiently categorize ideas with AI-generated themes. Boost collaboration, and team efficiency effortlessly.

Unify scattered brainstorming. Capture unlimited ideas and issues holistically in one place from customers, stakeholders, partners and internal teams. Allow users to vote their ideas, and share their comments. View ratings, status and summaries. Turbocharge seamless collaboration.

Drive product innovation like never before by connecting impactful ideas directly to your product development as features, stories and epics (backlog). Align features with business goals and revenue targets. Get success. Watch Video

Allow 360-degrees feedback from diverse sources, including customers, partners, and internal teams. Streamline the feedback process and foster collaboration smoothly.

Leverage AI technology to explore and generate innovative ideas that align with your strategic objectives. Enhance brainstorming sessions with up-to-date and impactful concepts.

Incorporate valuable insights from feedback seamlessly into your product development workflow at any stage of the product lifecycle. Ensure a customer-centric approach and align with user expectations.

Transform creative ideas into successful product features by integrating diverse insights and optimizing teamwork. Drive innovation and solidify your product development strategy.

Unlock the potential of your product journey with Shorter Loop’s AI-powered Idea Manager. Seamlessly capture and categorize feedback from various stakeholders to drive innovation. Our platform revolutionizes the ideation process, offering streamlined collaboration and insightful analysis. Say goodbye to manual feedback hassles and hello to efficient, AI-driven ideation.

With Shorter Loop's Idea Manager, transform raw feedback into actionable insights effortlessly. Join the league of forward-thinking businesses driving impactful product innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Al in Idea Manager help Students or Solopreneurs?
AI in Idea Manager assists students and solopreneurs by enhancing idea generation, providing innovative solutions, and streamlining the creative process for efficient solo or collaborative work.
How does Idea Manager integration impact large companies?
Integration with Idea Manager transforms large companies by fostering a collaborative culture, aligning ideas with strategic goals, and optimizing the ideation-to-execution journey for impactful product development.
How does AI help with ideas and issues?
The AI in Idea Manager helps in generating innovative ideas as well as offering insightful solutions to identified issues. It streamlines the ideation process, transforming abstract concepts into actionable plans for effective issue resolution.
What happens if I am not satisfied with the solution suggested by AI?
If dissatisfied with an AI-provided solution, users have the flexibility to refine, reject, or iterate on the suggestion. Users can also manually analyze ideas, create themes and solutions. Idea Manager ensures that user satisfaction remains a priority, allowing adjustments based on preferences and requirements.
What is the difference between the Issues and Ideas in the tool?
In Idea Manager, Issues represent challenges or obstacles, while Ideas represent creative solutions. This clear distinction aids in focused discussions, enabling efficient problem-solving and strategic planning within the platform.
Can I conduct experiments in Idea Manager?
Yes, you can conduct experiments in Idea Manager. Follow these steps: 1. Post a new idea and in the description write about experiments and questions for which you are inviting feedback from all your invited customers, users. 2. now use that idea url on your corporate email when drafting email to customers inviting them to give feedback for experiments. 3. Then you add these customers in idea manager at bulk so that they start giving feedback supporting experiments or nullifying the hypotheses Yes, you can conduct experiments on the ideas and issues created by AI using the same above process
How to set up the Themes?
Setting up Themes in Idea Manager is simple. Navigate to the Themes section, create categories or collections that align with your product or organizational structure, and effortlessly organize ideas to streamline the ideation process.
How does the magic link work?
The magic link in Idea Manager simplifies collaboration. Share the link with stakeholders, enabling them to access and contribute to the platform without requiring individual invites, fostering seamless and inclusive collaboration.
Can the deleted ideas be recovered?
Yes, it can be recovered.
How many solutions can be created with the help of AI?
AI in Idea Manager can generate a multitude of solutions based on the input it receives. The tool adapts to various scenarios, providing users with diverse and innovative suggestions for consideration.
Are invited users allowed to modify the created solutions?
No, invited users are not allowed to modify created solutions. This access remains with the internal product team (admin access) who can do so with their admin access. Users can post ideas, issues, see all ideas and ratings, comments from other users; but can’t edit anything other than their own ideas, ratings. But the internal product team can decide whether to publish a theme or a solution to customers.
Can I brand my idea campaign on Shorter Loop?
Absolutely! You can customize the campaign space with your logo and colors, ensuring brand recognition and building excitement among participants.
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