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With new Shorter Loop 2.0 revolutionary features, now transform ‘Customer Insights’ into ‘Actionable Intelligence’. Boost Your and Teams’ Productivity. Delight Customers. Drive Revenue.

Your Co-pilot for Continuous Product Discovery, Customer Insights, and Refining Product Strategies

Shorter Loop AI 2.0 revolutionizes product management by transforming customer insights into actionable intelligence. With features like Product Vision Canvas, Persona Canvas, Impact Maps, and Feedback and Idea Management, Shorter Loop AI empowers product teams to boost productivity, drive revenue, and streamline the product development process. Join satisfied users worldwide and start your free trial today to experience the Shorter Loop AI difference!

Effortlessly Define Your Product Vision

Discover insights rapidly with Shorter Loop AI, generating first-hand insights based on your keywords to speed up the process of defining your product vision. Craft tailored solutions that align effortlessly with customer needs and business objectives. Receive sharper quality inputs that enhance the quality and efficiency of your product development process. Testimonial by Lucian Godoy, Marketing Leader on Crozdesk (Software Suggest)- "Great Product Management Software Tool - As a marketer, I use Shorter Loop for market research /Discovery - their discover module helps me identify my customer's needs challenges, the market dynamics, what's the key message (value prop) I need to develop based on various customer segments and finally I develop the GTM strategy, AI integration in the discovery helps you to reduce your research time by 50% and help you achieve more with AI created persona or building your vision, GTM/business model while also informing the cost investment and business metrics to achieve."


Create Detailed Customer Personas Rapidly

Discover complete insights with Shorter Loop AI 2.0, which not only generates detailed personas but also uncovers comprehensive product, market, and customer insights. Generate impactful value propositions efficiently based on detailed persona insights, saving significant time and effort. Streamline business model generation by creating models based on each persona's needs and value propositions, turbocharging efficiency in product management. Testimonial: "An AI-Powered All-in-One Product Management Tool – Verified User, Small Business (< 50 employees). Start with the most important thing: knowing your customers and creating their personas in the persona canvas to validate their needs and goals. Set up experiments and validate hypotheses for each persona directly from the tool. The experiments help you confirm if your identified needs and challenges of the persona are accurate based on the results achieved."

Strategically Brainstorm and Prioritize Product Features in Impact Map

Efficient prioritization allows you to strategically balance feature development with business objectives and customer satisfaction. Accelerate communication by generating relevant features and descriptions based on epics, or user stories based on features, saving time and effort in collaboration. Experience faster collaboration by seamlessly sharing and working on features and user stories with product management teams. Testimonial: "Immerse and explore Shorter Loop Product Management tool" – Archana K., Enterprise ( > 1000 employees) Impact Maps is effective in tracking Business Goal to Product Value Proportion.”


Streamline Feedback Analysis, Insights and Idea, Issue Prioritization

Effortless idea and issue management saves time by analyzing and categorizing ideas and issues effortlessly. Powerful AI-generated themes create insightful themes by synthesizing ideas, and facilitating immediate action from user feedback. Instant AI-generated insights rapidly create themes, problem statements, and solutions. Real-time action from feedback allows you to generate summaries, problem statements, and solutions instantly. Efficient backlog management converts ideas into epics and features for agile backlogs. Accelerated communication and collaboration generate relevant features and user stories, facilitating faster collaboration and communication within product teams. Testimonial by Laura J., Marketing Director, Scale Up: "AI-powered Feature Tool - The Collaboration feature of Shorter Loop has really made it easy for us to work smoothly. We can invite N number of team members, work together, and can share ideas in real time. Along with this, the Feedback Manager or the Idea Manager, it has helped us a lot in exploring the idea in depth, so that we can decide if we want to go with it or not. The AI-powered Idea Manager is the best feature of the tool."

Frequently Asked Questions

How many solutions can be created with the help of AI?
AI in Idea Manager can generate a multitude of solutions based on the input it receives. The tool adapts to various scenarios, providing users with diverse and innovative suggestions for consideration.
How does AI help with ideas and issues?
The AI in Idea Manager helps in generating innovative ideas as well as offering insightful solutions to identified issues. It streamlines the ideation process, transforming abstract concepts into actionable plans for effective issue resolution.
Can Shorter Loop AI help with refining our product strategy?
Yes, Shorter Loop AI 2.0 assists in crafting a comprehensive product strategy by identifying target customer segments, their needs, and aligning solutions with business objectives.
What happens if I am not satisfied with the solution suggested by AI?
If dissatisfied with an AI-provided solution, users have the flexibility to refine, reject, or iterate on the suggestion. Users can also manually analyze ideas, create themes and solutions. Idea Manager ensures that user satisfaction remains a priority, allowing adjustments based on preferences and requirements.
How does Shorter Loop AI generate insights for the Product Vision Canvas?
Shorter Loop AI 2.0 uses prompt engineering to analyze its associated keywords provided by users to generate customer segments, their needs analysis, the product’s business objectives, streamlining the process of defining or solidifying or updating the product vision.
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