Digital Whiteboard

Collaborate visually with the whole team - even if your team is 100% remote

Draw Data Flow Diagrams, Process Flows, Customer Journeys & More

Draw any types of ideas during alone thinking or brainstorming Don't limit your ideas, thoughts, visions From DFDs, Workflows, Process Diagrams, Business Analysis, Customer Journeys, Personas, Overall Vision, and  Root Cause Diagrams i e Anything & Everything Your Team Needs to make their ideas visual in a collaborative whiteboard


Rich Editor. Present Full Screen. Easy to shape your thoughts.

Now design the way you wantSave your designs and use any time from LibraryCall one design again and again in various boards as per your needs

Shorter Loop Library - Full of Templates

Use various templates as and when you need to ideate, express your thoughtsMake it appealing visually so that people can easily interact, brainstorm together, share their perspectivesFinalize, comment, get approval and move onLink your board to product epics, features, stories, feedback came from customers, employees, partners and more Also relate with business goals and metricsUse rich templates multiple times to save time to design from scratch


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