Business Models

Strategically map and visualize your business strategy

Identify the risks in your business model. Validate assumptions. Build a profitable business

Visualize and experiment with different business model scenarios

Prodeasy's Business Model Canvas provides a visual representation of your business model, helping you understand the key components of your organization's revenue and costs By identifying potential revenue streams and cost structures, you can experiment with different business model scenarios and determine the most viable and profitable options The Business Model Canvas allows you to easily communicate your business model to stakeholders and make informed decisions about the direction of your organization

Differentiate Effectively

Offer a visual representation of your comprehensive product strategy seamlessly integrated with the specific needs of your target Standout from competitors with market discovery insights Utilize data-driven strategies for revenue generation


Unified Customer Focus

Deliver personalized products and services to specific customer segments Align costs and revenue goals efficiently for success Streamline operations by focusing resources on high-value segments Enhance customer satisfaction (CSAT) and loyalty through tailored offerings

Save Time. Continuous Adaptation.

Stay competitive by evolving business models to meet market needs Let Shorter Loop AI streamline model creation realistic yet flexible by adding quality inputs on key company resources, activities, partners, customer touchpoints, personalized products and more Save days and hours of creating models from scratch


Robust Validation Process. Engage Stakeholders.

Conduct A/B tests, and

Frequently Asked Questions

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A solid business model outlines revenue streams, cost structure, and partnerships, facilitating growth.
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