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Empower Collaboration. Comprehensive Product Work Overview. With Ultimate Backlog Powerhouse.

Use the 'Work Item' hierarchy to give context to every kind of product work - big ticket impact items, features that deliver value, and user stories that fit in the sprints. Master Agile Backlog Management in Minutes with Shorter Loop.

Organize and prioritize your product's features and tasks with 3-Level Hierarchical Backlog

Manage all projects and development activities effortlessly


Visualize your backlog in three parts

Go Deeper on Epic, Feature and User Stories


• Efficiently share and collaborate by downloading backlog data as a CSV file • Enable seamless communication with management and stakeholders • Comment Provide Feedback Engage • Take Real-time action on Customer Feedback and Issues • Contribute your views, and comments in the dialogue box of each epic, feature, or user story Foster collaboration and enhance alignment within your teams • Foster real-time customer feedback and act in no time - Do this seamlessly by converting potential customer requests, ideas, and issues into work items • Empower an agile and customer-centric approach Harness the collaborative power of Shorter Loop by linking potential whiteboard discussions to backlog items, creating alignment between brainstorming and execution

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Product Backlog in Agile?
In an agile framework, the product backlog serves as a dynamic and evolving document that captures the requirements and desired features for a product.
What is 'Product Backlog in Scrum'
In Scrum, the product backlog serves as the repository for all desired product features, and it is continuously refined and prioritized throughout the project.
Product Backlog vs. Sprint Backlog
The product backlog contains all the desired product features and user stories, while the sprint backlog consists of a subset of items from the product backlog, selected for a specific sprint.
How is the Product Backlog Created?
The product backlog is created based on various inputs, including customer feedback, market research, business requirements, and ongoing prioritization discussions with stakeholders.
What is the Meaning of the Product Backlog?
The product backlog represents a prioritized list of desired features, enhancements, and user stories for a product, providing a roadmap for its development.
What is the 3-level product backlog in Shorter Loop?
The 3-level product backlog in Shorter Loop is a structured framework that organizes your product features and tasks into three distinct levels – Epics, Stories, and Tasks. This hierarchy helps in managing the complexity of product development and ensures detailed tracking and prioritization.
Is the Product Backlog a Subset of the Sprint Backlog?
No, the product backlog encompasses all desired features and stories for the product, while the sprint backlog includes only the selected items for a particular sprint.
Is it possible to customize the product backlog and task board?
Absolutely! Both the product backlog and task board in Shorter Loop are highly customizable. You can tailor them according to your project's specific needs, ensuring they align perfectly with your team's workflow and project requirements.
Workflow Management vs. Backlog Management vs. Project Management vs. Product Management vs. Program Management
Workflow management focuses on optimizing processes, backlog management involves organizing and prioritizing tasks, project management provides oversight for a specific project, product management entails strategic planning and development, and program management oversees a group of related projects.
How is Product Backlog Refinement Done?
Product backlog refinement involves regular meetings with the product owner and development team to review, clarify, and prioritize backlog items for upcoming sprints.
Which Teams Are Responsible for the Product Backlog and Why?
The product owner is primarily responsible for managing and prioritizing the product backlog, collaborating closely with the development team, stakeholders, and customers to ensure alignment with business goals and customer needs.
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